Courageous Ministries

Our Story

We are a faith based company started by two friends whose paths crossed while working in the throws of the oil & gas industry in Houston, TX. It is often humorous how blind we are to God's plan, but it was terribly obvious to us both that he placed us into each other's wake. It was a professional teleconference and our first meeting on a Friday that was immediately followed by us bumping into each other while checking in our kids for service that very same Sunday. This began an exciting and mutual friendship that can only be expressed as a God send.

Both of us Christian men, we often discussed just how challenging it is in our lives, our families, our neighborhoods, our time, to be the men that God has called us to be. Strong and steadfast in our beliefs... yet caring, invested, and full of empathy for those around us that have not found their faith, or maybe the courage to live out that faith. It is with this heart and mind, and a shared longing to further God's kingdom, that we are both leaning into God's call to inspire men to be men of courage, men of integrity, men of humility, men of service, and most importantly men of God.

Courageous Ministries was founded to help men find the courage they need to stand up and be the men that God has called them to be!

About the Company

Courageous Ministries is one company that is articulated through multiple ministries, or expressions.

This is our start and these ministries are our roots.

It is our hope to grow ministries and continue to add others to best reach the hearts and minds of strong men. God is at the wheel and growth is not our engine. The direction and pace of this is still being revealed to us. We believe there is something mighty happening and are humbled to be a part.

We set out with a single goal in mind... to reach ONE person

It was then agreed, IF we could reach that one person we would put our heads together on how to reach the next person; however, if one man comes to know Jesus through what we are doing, it was worth it and we are doing the work God has called us to do!

Our Mission

Inspire, encourage, and motivate men to Walk Boldly with God through a commitment to faith, family, and living out of Christ's example. Live as courageous men with unshakeable faith in God.

Our Ministries

Courageous Provisions Co.

Everyone is competing for your strength as a man. Reaching the highest heights in your career consumes your time with God, your family time, your drive. There is a battle raging and men are being pacified in today's culture. This is the enemies battle strategy. Creating siege and blockage of Christianity and basic truths in all the places we operate or spend our time. It is effective... we are fatigued as men. Disorganized, scattered, and stranded across a battlefield. Our minds tattered from the World's propaganda telling us what we should believe and that the battle is lost. We avoid this fight that has been internalized as not being possible to win. Well guess what fellas... We are fighting a battle in a the war that He has already won!

We created this brand not just to be fashionable in faith, we have every intend of that being the case, but we want to help provide men greater opportunities to have casual, purposeful conversations about Jesus and to share their faith with others. We are passionate about walking boldly and not being afraid to show our faith. You do not need to be apologetic about who you are and what you believe or where you come from because you are loved and you want other people to know the love of Christ.

We want men wearing our clothing to be a beacon of hope to those in their communities who are still lost on that battlefield. Courageously show your heart and be bold!

Courageous Inspiration

Everyday as a man, you wake up to a new battlefield of challenges in the form of worry, stress, anxiety, fear, pressure, etc. Know that you are not alone in the battle.  The enemy creates siege blockages in every aspect of your life - your career, family, and faith. But don't be pacified by this strategy--we are called to be warriors for truth and good. 

This brand offers daily inspiration that begins with a focused mind and heart for Jesus.  Before the cares of the day flood your mind, start with encouragement and strength that God is with you.  He is for you and He cares about you today.  The battles of the day have already been won in the name of Jesus.  You can WALK BOLDLY in your faith knowing that God is on your side and you have nothing to fear.

Take a few moments each morning to be courageously inspired for being who God calls you to be.

Courageous Warriors


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